Creation of Visitor Map WordPress Plugin

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WordPress defines a Plugin as a program that uses PHP language to add additional services to a WordPress blog. There are a few things to remember when creating a WordPress plugin, which the team at Visitor Map carefully considered when working on ours.

The first step was to choose a name. It is easy to find out what has already been used by carrying out a simple search of the WordPress Plugin repository. Most will choose a simple name that shows what the Plugin does, and that is exactly what we did when we chose the name Visitor Map.

The next step is to insert the Plugin Files. There can be more than one of these, and one should be named after the plugin. The Readme file is very useful to both developers and other users, as it contains a description of the plugin, however, there are also often change logs that detail any maintenance or other updates.

We also created the home page where users can download the plugin, read updates and report any bugs. The process also involves a lot of technical programming language and the expertise of the team at Visitor Map meant this part of the development phase was always in safe hands.

It is difficult to create a plugin from scratch. There is a great deal of planning involved before you reach the development stage and it helps to have a thorough understanding of the WordPress Codex, and the way that WordPress works. From the ‘Meet the Team’ section on our ‘About’ page you will see we have experts in all areas of the development process working on our projects. Their dedication has helped to ensure Visitor Map is a quality tool that will enhance any business page.

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